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Saturday, February 14, 2015

May you receive sweets from someone sweet,
hugs from someone you love, 
and a special surprise for good measure! 

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Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Valentine's Subway Art...... fonts are so fun!

I LOVE playing with different fonts and making Subway Art for special occasions. So...........after I finished up with my teeny tiny envelopes for Valentine's Day (see my previous post), I thought I should get my Valentine's Day Subway Art downloaded into my Etsy shop.... so here it is!  
The watermark won't show up when you download this from my Etsy shop.
Isn't it fun? I made this last year and never got it put into my Etsy shop!  Better late than never I guess. It's a digital "instant download". I also made a sheet of NINE tags you can print out, cut, and use. Check my blog post HERE where I talk about how to download fonts onto your computer.

The watermarks won't show up when you download this from my Etsy shop.
These are really high resolution images, so you could print out the large one on 8-1/2 x 11 glossy photo paper, and frame it for a pretty Valentine's Day decoration. Or print on 4x6 or 5x7 glossy photo paper to place it on a card.  Find my Valentine's Day Subway Art here in my Etsy shop.

Wouldn't the tags be darling cut apart and placed in a little mini album you've made, tucked inside the pockets? Or use them on canvas art or for scrapbook pages. I would use red cardstock for my mini album so that the tags would stand out.

Just thought you might like to see this.  I have other Subway Art in my Etsy shop too. 

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Monday, February 9, 2015

More teeny tiny envelopes for Valentine's Day.

As I told you, I'm really addicted to making little envelopes with my We are Memory Keepers (WRMK) Envelope Punch Board! Well... the other night while watching TV, I made about 50 little teeny tiny envelopes using some of my pretty Valentine's themed scrapbook paper.

I really got carried away!

I had no idea what I was making them for, other than it was just plain fun.........

I used 3" squares of paper......... I love the little "kraft" and red envelopes, and the ones that have subway art on them..... and the ones with little pink and red hearts....

I made my first score and punch with the paper lined up at 1-3/8"... and then scored all the way around and punched each time. These are so easy to make! The punch board doesn't have directions for this small of an envelope, but use the measurements above, and you'll get these teeny tiny envelopes measuring just 1-3/4" x 1-3/8".  Some were even smaller, but now I don't remember what size squares I used for those! I decided they were almost TOO small.

I thought hum.m.m.m.m.m...........I DO have an Etsy shop...... why don't I put some in my Etsy shop. So I began to package them up into sets of 8. Then I thought.... hum.m.m.m.m..... these need something with them, since the package looks kind of bare, so I got out my Martha Stewart pad of Valentine's Day papers, and found some cute little "stamps" with some foil on them, and thought "these would look so neat tucked into the envelopes", or put on a card, so I cut out a bunch of stamps, and added 8 to each package........

 and then I thought....... these needs some little tags to hide inside, so someone could write a little "love" sentiment on them...... so I cut some little 1-1/4" cream colored tags with my Cricuit, and added 8 to the package.....

So now my little 24 pc. pack of envelopes, stamps and tags was ready to go! .......... and I made 4 packages to put in my Etsy shop.  Here's the complete set:

You can find them here in my Etsy shop.  There are four different sets with different papers and sets of stamps.  I have enough made for about 2 or 3 more sets, but don't have them packaged up yet.

And I thought..... while I"m at it, I'd better make a card to show you what you can do with these cute teeny tiny envelopes.......

I can see using these little envelopes also for tucking into your loved one's lunchbox (does anyone really "make" their lunches anymore? or do wives make lunches for their husbands????)......... or tucked inside a pocket of someone's shirt, or on top of their pillow....... with a little love-ly message slipped inside...........

Get that envelope punch board out and make some teeny tiny envelopes!

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Saturday, January 31, 2015

Valentine's Day Pretty Fabric Gift Bags.....

I'm IN LOVE with pretty little fabric gift bags! I'VE PUT SOME NEW ONES IN MY ETSY SHOP TODAY! Pretty cottage chic fabric gift bags approximate 8"x10" in size:


Each with their own pretty little tag of a teapot or teacup.  Go  here at my Etsy Shop to purchase a lavender bag and tag - $6.79 each.
Black grosgrain ribbons sewn in seams to tie it closed.

Look at those beautiful teapots.... in peach and lavender. It's really lavender, not blue. My camera would NOT pick up the lavender colors! The tags are a piece of fussy cut fabric that I've glued onto the tag.. and sprinkled glitter here and there.
I made adhesive round stickers (that come off easily) to put on the fabric bag, inviting the user to use it again and Go Green!

Here are the peach colored bags:

Soft pretty peach fabric with the darling teapots and teacups fabric trim, with lace tucked under the edge. Do you love teapots as much as I do? My sisters collect them and so did my mom. I would too if I had the room!  You can purchase a peach fabric bag with tag here at my Etsy Shop.

Twins.............. I have two of each color.
These gift bags surprisingly hold alot. You can get an adult woman's T-shirt in one, several hand towells or kitchen towells, and they could also be used for overnight trips as they'll hold your pretty underthings, an extra T-shirt and a few toiletries.  Great also for a little girl's dolls and doll clothes or a set of their favorite things to take along with them in the car. (See below for other uses).
I've in love with these tags.... all glittery and pretty.
I also have two cute muslin decorated bags, just perfect for tucking with candy treats or jewelry.........or lipsticks............... nail polish, etc. These are 4 x 5-1/2"...... perfect for little bits of this or that.   Here's the link to my Etsy shop to purchase a muslin bag for $4.00.

God Loves you and So Do I.

I've sold this lavender stamped muslin bag, but see how pretty it looks stuffed with goodies and sitting in a cut glass bowl?? Love these little muslin bags!
Last but not least!............... my sweet little retro kitty gift bag or carry-bag. This is a fairly heavy authentic vintage retro fabric (8"x10" in size). Love.e.e.e.e. it!  Click here to go to my Etsy shop to purchase this little bag for $5.00. No tag with this one but I could make up a little tag if you desire.

Trimmed with a linen look fabric and delicate cream lace... ties are tan grosgrain ribbon. 

A fabric bag can be used in some of these ways:

- gift wrap for a present (and so easy - no more paper, tape and scissors)
- travel bag (for underwear, socks, delicates, jewelry)
- paperback book bag
- organizer
- small toy bag for kids
- protect valuables and keepsakes from dust
- store small photo albums or mini albums
- store ipods, cords, small electronics 

Tucks neatly in your suitcase for travels, and can be used and washed over and over.

Enjoy looking! I have some more gift bags ready to go into my shop next week! 

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Sunday, January 25, 2015

I have 15 Tutorials.... do you want more?

Hi ladies, I was just looking at my blog and realized I have 15 tutorials! ................painstakingly done and very detailed............    ......... and I want to know, DO YOU WANT MORE?  (please keep reading dear friends.....)

Wow.... I had to go back and see just what they were and I must admit, there are some good ones.  Go to each link to see pictures.

Here's a list with links to each one, in case you are a newer follower:

March 26, 2013:
Fabric Yo Yo's Tutorial (so cute!)

May 13, 2013:
Mini Tag Merry Go Round Album Tutorial - Part I  (oh my - gorgeous!)

June 21, 2013:
Paper Rosettes Tutorial (you gotta' learn how to make these!)

July 20, 2013:
Mini Tag Merry Go Round Album Tutorial - Part II

August 9, 2013:
Easy Fun Postcards (mail them out!)

August 20, 2013:
Frugal Crafting Ideas - Part 1

August 27, 2013:
Frugal Crafting Ideas - Part 2

September 3, 2013:
Frugal Crafting Ideas - Part 3

October 27, 2013:
Holiday Planner Tutorial (awesome and could be used for any time of year)

November 13, 2013:
Playing with Pins (clothes pins that is)

February 20, 2014:
Fonts Galore (how to upload fonts to your computer and where to find)

March 6, 2014:
Layouts Galore and Tutorial for You (using Studio J digital scrapbook program at Close to My Heart)

March 17, 2014:
15 Minute Quick Cards #1

March 21, 2014:
Turn Old Catalog Pages into Envelopes and Flowers  (nifty!)

April 14, 2014:
Paper Radiant Star Tutorial (if nothing else, go check this one out!)

May 9, 2014:
15 Minute Quick Cards #2

November 9, 2014:
One Brown Bag Brag Wallet (really fun and easy)

There you  have it. You can see between May and November, I was busy doing other things, such as house hunting. We never did find anything "just right" for us. Maybe next summer we'll look again.

For now, keep this list handy. You just may want to make something new and different. I try to make my tutorials very detailed, and something different and unusual. You can always go to the "search this blog" box in the right-hand column of my blog, to search for my tutorials.

My questions now is... DO YOU WANT MORE TUTORIALS???? Please let me know!  If I don't hear from anyone via comments, I probably won't post anymore, although I do have some dandies ready to go.

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Friday, January 23, 2015

Masculine music card with burlap.

What kind of card do you make for a guy who loves music and guitars?........ A "grungy" sort of guy who loves black? This is a what I came up with!

I used a 5x7 black card base, vintage music paper, burlap, and some Graphic45 paper (a mat behind the sheet music) to stack up my elements.
I've got burlap peeking out of the back and another piece on the bottom. My sister gave me a HUGE piece of burlap that was used to wrap a Christmas gift she got for her husband. How lucky was that? I'm going to make good use of that burlap! I just cut off a piece about 5 x 7 inches and pulled threads out to make it frayed. I cut another little piece for the bottom.

This card was a birthday card for my stepson, who loves music and plays the guitar. I found some vintage sheet music from Karen at The Graphics Fairy, and grunged it up some more with black ink. You can barely see it here. I wish I would have let it show more.  I also found some little music quotes from different free online sites, and printed them on cream cardstock, then cut them out and grunged them up with black ink.  I used some little Tim Holtz stick pins to poke them into the burlap.

I left the top of the guitar cutout open to act as a little pocket for these tickets. Another freebie I found at The 80s Me blog. Her blog is darling, and has lots of other neat kinds of tickets. These were music tickets. The piece of "string" is a thread I pulled out of the burlap.
I had a HECK of a time finding some neat guitar graphics! I looked on Etsy and various online image sites, but nothing was "pretty". I have to have something pretty on my cards! I finally found some at a site called SeoDesigns. They have all sorts of neat downloads such as graphics, vectors, brushes, etc. I printed one on cream cardstock, and then cut it out using some of my fancy edge (cheap) scissors.

I found this site when I was searching "google images" for guitar graphics. Google Images is a great place to go when you're looking for something in particular.

The inside of my card uses some more Graphic45 paper at the bottom. The sentiment is one I found online and I used a fancy font that I found at KevinandAmanda.com. I typed the sentiment and then printed it out on cream cardstock and cut the edges with my fancy edged scissors. KevinandAmanda have some awesome fonts. 

I also made a little sheet music envelope to hold (of course!) some cash. I used the We Are Memoray Keeps Envelope Punch Board (6x6 piece of paper and 3x4 sized envelope), and made it a look vintage by inking the paper and edges with Tim Holtz vintage photo distress ink.

By the way, my stepson absolutely LOVED this card! I think it's definitely a guy card. He noticed every little element I used and said he's going to keep it forever! Made me feel really good.

Have you made any masculine cards lately and if so, where can I see them?
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Saturday, January 10, 2015

Oooohhhh..... lookie.... lookie........

Lookie.... Lookie... what I have in my Etsy shop! 

Canvas board pink wall hanging, Valentine's Day, vintage, painted, dove and cherub, crocheted heart, buttons, lace, ribbon, 5"x7" ($16.00).  Link to this item in my Etsy shop.

Decoupaged and built by me!  Pretty little crocheted heart that I made myself.

Vintage image from Karen at The Graphics Fairy.  I love her vintage images!

Doilies and a cute paper banner across the top. And oh such a pretty pink on the canvas... with a slight sheen from the decoupage.

A fabric ruffle along the bottom, some lace, buttons and pearls.

And such a delight.. my red Valentine's canvas board, for someone oh so sweet and girly!

Canvas board wall hanging, Valentine's Day, vintage girl, painted, love words, crocheted heart, buttons, lace, red ribbon, 5"x7" ($16.00). Link to this item in my Etsy shop.

Another vintage image from The Graphics Fairy. Doilies, buttons and bows....little gems and pearls....

And of course, a sweet fabric ruffle at the bottom!.... and a pretty red crocheted heart that I made.

Such a special gift.... hang on the wall, a doorknob, the knob of a cabinet or hutch, or a hook on a wall shelf.  So pretty for your special someone!

Thank you dear readers for following me and taking the time to read my posts!

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