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Saturday, September 19, 2015


Hi all.. Just a quick post to let you know I won't be doing my Saturday Serenity series for at least two weeks.. or posting to my blog (probably).

I'm in the process of moving about 1-1/2 hours away from my current rental.. we bought a house! It's very exciting, being 68 and thinking you'd never own a home again........and to finally find a home that is pretty cute and awesome (but needs tons of work).......... so lots of labors of love involved right now.....lots of painting.... packing..... car trips....... sleeping on the floor!

I'll be back as soon as the major move is done.

Take care everyone... and I LOVE all of your comments... so very much. Each one makes my day a little bit brighter.  I'll be back!

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Saturday, September 12, 2015


I love trees......

of all kinds.............

they are so strong...................

and yet....................so very graceful in their own way................

Rest is not idleness,
and to lie sometimes on the grass
under the trees on a summer’s day, 
listening to the murmur of water, 
or watching the clouds float across the blue sky, 
is by no means waste of time.
 ~John Lubbock, “Recreation,” The Use of Life, 1894

I always feel serene when I am around trees. Do you?

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Wednesday, September 9, 2015

How did I do this? circle pinwheel flowers!

I have an addiction to making different kinds of paper flowers! The other night on YouTube, I found another darling paper flower using 1" circles. Here's how.. in very few words!  as brief a format as possible (for me that's hard!)
I used vellum on this one. Gorgeous!
You can use any kind of paper, that's the glory of this cute little flower! Use either cardstock, or designer paper, one sided or double sided, pretty envelopes or pretty wrapping paper. I was going through my scraps and found a pretty envelope that I had saved for years, so decided to use it.

Here's one using old book pages. I  use a scalloped circle punch for this and love the results.
How did I put it together you say? Here's the video I watched by "putsomeblingonit" (below). If you're reading this in your email inbox and want to watch the video, you'll have to click on the title of my blog post to go to my blog.... and then you can watch the video there. 

Here are a few photos of how I glued the little circles onto another little circle.  You can use anywhere from 10 to 16 or 18 circles, depending on how tight you want the flower.

Fold your 16 circles in  half - cut an extra 1" circle and draw 4 quarters on it with a pen.

Put a pinch of hot glue on the corner of the folded circle (see below picture), with the folded side UP. Lay the folded circle, fold to the left, on the first vertical line so that the circle portion is on the right of the line.

Put glue on your next circle. Always be sure the fold is UP. Then place it inside of the first folded circle, so that the bottom points meet each other.
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These are nice and flat - easy to put on a card that is being mailed.
I like the thinness of these. They would be much easier to send through the mail on a card... they are much thinner than my accordian fold rosettes shown below that have about a quarter inch rise:

I have some of my paper rosettes for sale in My Etsy shop here.
If you're interested, here's my rosette tutorial for making the accordian fold paper rosettes. These are great for decorating canvas art, gift bags, picture frames or little gift boxes.

Have fun making some of these darling circle pinwheel flowers. The gal in the video glued each one to the end of a decorative straw, to make a pretty little bunch of flowers. 


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Saturday, August 29, 2015


I'm not feeling so serene today with all of the wildfires and forest fires that are raging across the Pacific Northwest, most specifically Washington, Oregon and Idaho. These are the largest, most widespread and worst in the history of keeping records of wildfires and forest fires, at least in Washington. 

Photo by Kari Greer - Chelan Complex Fire, Chelan, WA - posted by KGW.com.
I do SO PRAY that the rains will come soon.. and alot of them... to burn out and help drench the fires. Our beautiful and precious forests and grasslands are turning to charred ashes and blackened wood... and I can imagine that thousands of wildlife have been killed. Many homes have been lost, all over both states of Oregon and Washington. 

I'm not following the fires in Idaho, but from the fire maps (see below at end) that I've been looking at, Idaho also has too many to count. Here is their main website for more information on the Idaho fires.

I'm so sad, and I can't be serene or calm when all of this is happening.

I wish it was like this everywhere the fires are... right now, cold, and very very wet.
There is a huge fire up by Asotin, Washington, where friends of mine live. They are on Evacuation 2 status (the town), which means be ready to go at a moment's notice. Their most precious items are packed into their cars and truck. They are ready to go if they have to, with the scary thought that they could lose their home that they've lived in for 25 years. Many of the small towns in that area have already been evacuated and some homes burned.

Another fire is raging north of where my son lives, north of Washougal, Washington. It is far enough away (I pray) that he is not in danger. It is by the swimming hole where he has spent many summers enjoying the forest and river there.

Cougar Creek Complex Fire - north of Glenwood, Washington.
Another of my very best friends is only 6 miles south of another fire that is north of Glenwood, Washington, and it's only about 20% contained, if even that.

Please pray for our beautiful land and that some of it is saved.. and for the people and homes in the fires' paths, and for the brave and unselfish firefighters who are risking their lives to save the land, people and homes.  I know that three firefighters were killed in northeastern Washington and more have been injured.

Photo by Kari Greer, USFS - Chelan and First Creek Fires in Okanogan and Wenatchee, WA
The National Guard have been called in to help in Washington State (and I think Oregon too). They have been training for the last 4 days and will begin helping on Sunday, August 30th.

Here is a quote from KGW News in Portland, OR:

KGW is partnering with the American Red Cross to help people affected by  the wildfires in Oregon and across the Northwest. Your donation enables the Red Cross to prepare for, respond to and help people recover from these disasters.
You can donate here at the Red Cross and KGW website set up for this purpose.

Montana and Wyoming are being burned too, beyond the scope of "normal".
Some of these wildfires and forest fires in Oregon and Washington are the worst in history and the biggest.

Please pray, will you?

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Monday, August 24, 2015

Something pretty this way comes....

Here's a sweet little shabby "pretty" that I made the other day. I just wanted to share it with you.  If you're a seamstress, you may have made the radiant star design before. This is much like the radiant star design, and NO SEWING!

Voila! ........ my "shabby chic" ornament..... to festoon my Christmas tree, or any little knob or hook waiting to be presented with something pretty (and pink!).

And how did I make this you say? Well..... no sewing required! That's the first good thing about this project. The other thing is that it's FUN... and you get to use fabrics from your huge fabric stash. Here's the video tutorial by Shabby Fabrics that I watched on YouTube, to learn how to make one of these cute ornamental decorations. 

You just use little 2-1/2 x 2-1/2 squares of fabric (40 squares), either from a jelly roll or from your overflowing scrap stash.... lots of little straight pins (very small head, called satin pins) and a 3" styrofoam ball. Note: use a regular styrofoam ball, not a Smoothfoam ball, as the Smoothfoam is very hard to push the pins into. That's it! Easy peasey. 

You can see the points of the fabric around the top. In each point, there is a little pin stuck in. I glued on the lace and glued on some little pink "fork bows". If you haven't tried a fork bow, go to YouTube and search and you'll find many tutorials. They are so much easier than trying to make a tiny bow! 

My ribbon hanger is a sheer ribbon, with another pink bow. I also added some little pink strands of beads.

This shows the size compared to my hand. Also, I put some lace around the middle instead of ribbon, and put the bow and hanger on top rather than along the side (my mistake... and I just noticed! oh well.. this was my "practice" piece. If you watch the tutorial, you'll see that the "star" design is supposed to be on the side, not the top.)

The above photo is the full design of the little folded squares, which form the star. Normally (if you don't make a mistake like I did!), this design will show on the SIDE of the ornament as it hangs..... not on the top and bottom where it is kind of hidden. 

It's a little time consuming to make this, but sit and watch one of  your favorite movies on TV, and pin away! No iron needed... just your finger and alot of pins. I finally dug out my old thimble, as my finger got a little sore punching those pins in the styrofoam. 

I'm off to start another one, this time using Christmas fabrics... or hum.m.m.m. maybe another shabby one. I love it!

Hope you give this a try. Let me know if you do and send me an email with a photo. They would make great gifts.... and besides...........they're addictive!

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Saturday, August 22, 2015


Oh laughter.... it is SUCH good medicine! We sure feel good when we laugh........ our mouth opens......

Our eyes crinkle up.......

Our tummy rumbles........

We feel free!......

We feel silly......

We can even dance!

So feel serene today... and laugh! It'll do ya good.

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Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Masculine card share and free printables sites.

Just a quick post today to share a neat masculine card I made for my friend's son who just turned 18.

I used black cardstock for the card base. I wanted a sort of grunge look... you know how 18 year old young men are right? I wanted to have a card with the theme of dream, take a journey, and encourage him to "live an inspired life". 

I just love the hot air balloon I found on The Graphics Fairy.... isn't the image vintage and old looking? Look at that little man down there? The Graphics Fairy has over 4500 free images! I just love her mostly vintage images and her blog and gallery of ideas.

I used black ink to swipe all the edges for that vintage look... and used some free tickets that I printed off the internet from The 80's Me blog.  She has many other tickets for free printing. I have a stamp with the words Dream, Journey, etc. so I stamped on the tickets with black ink. 

I popped up the hot air balloon with some foam tape so it would stand out. My background paper was a piece I had leftover from some project, and for the life of me now, I can't remember what paper pack I got it from! Sorry............

I don't really have alot of "masculine" doo dads and blingy stuff (but what guy wants or needs blingly stuff anyway!), so for the inside of the card, I used a tag (another free one!) that I printed out from Sweetly Scrapped that says "Fly". I thought this was very appropriate for an 18 year old just graduating from high school.

I used another ticket with some stamping on it, and wrote the number "18" on a circle punch out. Of course, everything got a good swipe of black ink!

I hope this might give you an idea for a more masculine card.


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